Seers See Ministries

SSM Ep3: Horoscopes and Prophecy

June 21, 2014

What's your sign? 

This is really 3 messages blended into one podcast. 

0:00: Discusses what astrology and horoscopes are and explores the sociological impact when a society embraces horoscopes, however superficially, for generations, from the perspective of social theorist Theodore Adorno (from the materialist worldview).

27:30: Explores God's perspective when people embrace horoscopes, however superficially.

50:10. Compares horoscopes and astrology as the counterfeit attempt to the true gift of prophecy. 

You'll hear additional thoughts regarding how the sovereignty of God works, especially with respect to Israel and the other nations in the ancient world.  This was recorded before the first two podcasts though. 

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